Barbora Jedlovská – Mindset & Personal Development Coach

Barbora, you have experienced a lot for your young age. Can you share with us your story and how you became a coach?

Well, how much time do you have (laugh)? I guess I did experience a lot as I was constantly trying to find myself through my twenties. I needed to experiment with many things before I gained clarity.

source: Barbora Jedlovska

About me? Well, to cut a long story short, what brought me to my current mindset and led to personal development coaching and mentoring was my health. I started to face issues while working as a chef in Copenhagen. I had a breakthrough moment and knew I was on the wrong path (despite still enjoying what I was doing).  I could not work in a professional kitchen anymore, so that really made me think about how my future was going to look like. More precisely, how I wanted my life to look like over the long-term. I needed to stop experimenting and work out what I wanted. So I did! I always say that my health problems happened to be my biggest blessing. They redirected me towards my life purpose. I am grateful for that, even though it was not easy back then.

You studied at the Le Cordon Bleu institute in London. How was the experience and where did you end up working as a Chef?

I am a huge foodie and gourmet! I have always been connected with food – through cooking, baking, planting, “nerding” about nutrition, creating recipes… 

After my university where I majored in Health and Nutrition and extended studies in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (alternative medicine originating from India), I wanted to have more hands-on experience with food. So I decided to go to the best of the best – the world’s oldest culinary institution: Le Cordon Blue in London. My experiences there were tremendous! It was the most challenging thing I have ever done. If anyone underestimates chefs, especially those in fine dining sphere, they have no clue what it takes. I learnt some really valuable life lessons there.

I used to work in a restaurant called Grospiseri in Copenhagen. It is a wonderful place; a charming rooftop fine-dining restaurant in Østerbro, with its own garden, hen house, beehives and breath-taking sunsets. All the food was prepared fresh by us chefs, with a local and seasonal approach following on our own menu. They only offer a set 7-course menu, and everyone dines together on a common table in the greenhouse. The idea for the restaurant was brought from one of the owners who was inspired by something similar while staying in New York.

What brought you to mindset and personal development coaching and how long have you been doing it?

 My life journey brought me to coaching! I guess I have always known that I want to help others, making a meaningful difference and impact in this world; I just could not name it for a very long time. As I mentioned earlier, through experimenting, exposing myself to different things, having courage to try, listening and connecting to my heart and intuition, I eventually found it. And I am so glad. It is very important to say that during that entire time, I was working on myself through self-growth and personal development.  Without putting the time, energy and finances into this, I would not be where I am now.
I had worked as a heath coach since university so I was not a newbie to coaching, however, with mindset & personal development coaching I started a year ago.[

source: Barbora Jedlovska

You live between Denmark and Sweden. Is it hard to compete in this market? Or do you mainly focus on the Slovak market?

To be honest, I do not compete, I create. I do not believe in competition and therefore I do not have any. I am aware that my voice is unique and that there will always be people who will resonate with me and want to work with me. And because I set my mind on thinking like that, guess what – that’s what life has proven  in my physical reality.

I work a lot with “manifestation” and “Universal Laws” and therefore I know the principles of how things work. Thoughts and “internal vibrations” are what I focus on. I do not do certain things: I do things in a certain way!

” Get to know yourself first – to your deepest essence.”

Barbora Jedlovská

How do you keep yourself motivated when you feel down?

I learnt that motivation is always going to fade away. No one can stay motivated all the time. Instead I focus on my intentions. I know my purpose, what my work here is and whenever I feel down, I remind myself of that fact.

I suppose mindset and personal development coaching means a lot of inner work and reading – for you and your clients. Is there one book that you would recommend to any of our readers who want to be happy and successful? 

Sadly, there is no one book that has it all. I am a passionate reader and I do read and study a lot. When it comes to recommending a book, I would need more specifics about what you are going through to recommend the right one. I can give you my personal favourites though – Psycho-Cybernetics, The Power of Subconscious Mind, Man’s Search for Meaning and Tuesdays with Morrie to name a few.

Have you ever experienced challenges in any of your jobs because you were a woman?

To be honest, not at all. Again, it goes hand in hand with your deepest beliefs and your inner “chatter”. On a subconscious level, if you keep thinking there are challenges because you are a woman, that is exactly what your vibration will be internally, and that is what you will experience in reality (situations and people). Start thinking what you want instead of what you don’t, and the Universe will provide more of that, I guarantee you.

Since you work with a lot of people in different professions, do you see feelings of imposter syndrome? Is it more common in women than men, in your experience?

Imposter syndrome is a very common phenomenon for everyone – it does not matter the gender, age or profession. It is just a result of something deeper that is the real cause or the real root of the problem. There are certain blocks and limiting beliefs you have about yourself, developed since you were young and that is what holds you back. This emerges as Imposter Syndrome. In my coaching we work on these blocks and limiting, destructive beliefs you hold on to for decades. It is deep “inner work” that is often painful, but it is the only way to really change long-term and experience a permanent transformation.

As a mindset and personal development coach, what do you think the best advice you could give to any girl or woman who wants to follow her dreams and be successful and happy?

I would say, get to know yourself first – to your deepest essence. Get into personal development work as soon as you can because that will not only bring you clarity, a new perspective and insights, but it will help you understand who you are and who you are NOT. Once you know who you are in your deepest essence you will be happy, successful and your dreams will come true. Each step you take will be aligned with YOU. Personal Development is the most wonderful journey you can take yourself on. Enjoy it while chasing down those dreams of yours!

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