Ema Müller – Fashion PR, contributing editor for Vogue…

Ema, you are a successful young woman who managed to achieve many great things at such young age. Let’s start with your career as a model: If my information is correct, you walked the runway for some of the world’s famous fashion houses. Can you tell us little bit more about this experience?

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Lenka Hlinkova – LEAN IN Slovakia Director, Published Author…

Lenka you have tons of experiences under your belt. Could you walk us through your CV?

Sure. My road to Information Technology didn’t go through informatics, I studied economy. However, I have always been a mathematics and data lover and have been drawn to the digital world since my early age. Beside my university studies, I started working in an IT company and also kicked off my first online business. Selling shoes and sunglasses earned me my first own car when I was 25.

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Žaneta Morovská – author of the Manifest mladej ženy,…

Žaneta, let’s start with your book “Manifest mladej ženy”: It is a fantastic book and has caused a stir on social media. Can you tell us bit more about it?

Thank you for describing it as fantastic! I am so grateful that the book has had such a positive response. Readers send me feedback and gratitude for writing such a book: many have told me they needed to read something like this.

Source: Archive of Žaneta Morovska
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Baška Klimek – Java Developer, Co-founder of Impact Hub

Barbara, I looked at your Linkedin profile to find out more about you and your professional life. You have a very impressive resume!  How have you managed to do so many fantastic things at such young age? 

This is what I call the “Linkedin effect”! It looks great when you put all your life’s achievements together and write them down in one paragraph. However, breaking it down into years, crises, failures, good and bad decisions and doubts you experienced; it all looks less impressive.

Source: Baška Klimek
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Tereza Rattaj – Scientist

Tereza, you are a young scientist from Bratislava, starting your PhD studies at Cambridge University soon. Can you tell us what your motivation was for focusing on a career in science?

I have always been interested in science and technology and really enjoyed biology and chemistry at school. I was fascinated by these subjects and I was hoping to study them in much more detail at university. 

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VisegradFemaleLeaders_Lenka Karahutová_emoter

Lenka Karahutová, Doctor, Founder & CEO EMOTER

Lenka, you are the founder and a CEO of EMOTER (Essential Medical Outreach & Treatment Rescue): Can you tell us about your journey with this amazing initiative?

When I was in the fifth year of my studies at The Third Faculty of Medicine in Prague I wanted to do an internship in a developing country as I felt the experience could teach me a lot. Initially I did not know which country but a student from our school had gone to Uganda and had a very positive experience: She helped me set up an internship there for the summer.

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